When security and lasting performance are the issue, Metal Door’s true hollow steel door is recognized as one of the strongest doors in the industry, it is designed to withstand the wear and tear of high abuse, high traffic areas as well as high security applications. This door is used in police stations, detention facilities, schools and hospitals.

The Hollow steel door is constructed using interlocking steel stiffeners that are welded to each face of the door at 6" centers. Voids are filled with fiberglass or styrene insulation and the edges are continuously welded and sanded flush.

  • Available in 16 ga., 14 ga. and 12 ga.
  • 20 ga. interlocking stiffeners spot welded to door faces.
  • Fully welded edge seams, sanded flush for extra long life and durability.
  • Available with labels up to 3 hours with UL, ULC, ITS and WHI.
  • Available in standard sizes up to 4'0 x 10'0 and custom sizes are available upon request. All doors are available with an extensive range of glass lights and louvers




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